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I take the Pledge against alcohol abuse

Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol use


The Association For Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA) is a non-profit organisation, comprising 70 associate members that include the major manufacturers of alcohol beverages in South Africa. ARA deals with addressing the problems caused by alcohol abuse, global developments in terms of combating alcohol abuse, their focus areas in reducing the harmful use of alcohol and their activities to achieve this.


ARA’s focus is in the deep rural areas where alcohol abuse problems are serious, their relationship with the Central Drug Authority, SANCA, the police and unregistered retail traders such as shebeens makes their outreach more effective. ARA’s programmes & campaigns in rural and township schools help present the dangers of alcohol abuse to the youth in a manner that is relatable and easily absorbed. 


The branding of “I take the Pledge” needed to be something that one takes pride in being a part of. The logo took the direction of a badge so that your pledge could be worn like a badge of pride. There is a thumb up positioned centrally above the logo text and next to the thumbs up are stylised male and female silhouettes with their hands to their chests to symbolise taking the pledge.

There is a strong reference to beer branding because the issue at hand is taking a stand against alcohol abuse. To be consistent throughout all touch points, banners, vehicle branding, forms, various books and documents were designed inline with the Pledge & ARA logo.


The Association for Responsible Alcohol use (ARA)


Alcohol regulation NPO


Programme branding


Logo design

Graphic design



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