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We have all the necessary experience, knowledge and capital to ensure the success of our suppliers.

Retail Africa Alliance


Retail Africa Alliance (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned international trading and distribution company. Our management has many years experience in the fields of importing and distributing. The basic function of the company is to manufacture, market and distribute building hardware materials. 

Our company’s mission is to identify developing niche markets and take advantage of these opportunities by working closely with our customers and our suppliers.

We strive to provide an excellent marketing service that is supported by an experienced sales team. We need branding that communicates efficiency.



Pixel Menjic branded Retail Africa Alliance (Pty) Ltd by using an earthy colour pallet for the logomark, along with fragmented pieces that form the African continent when they come together. These fragments represent the diverse people of Africa coming together to form a trade alliance. The fragment style is something that comes through in all the Retail Africa Alliance design collateral.

Retail Africa Alliance






Logo Design

Graphic design

Design for Print

A logo that expresses the elegant nature of the paint products was needed, and because the name suggests opulence, we created a logo that draws strong reference to Roman empire patterns.

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