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Our strategy and core focus is specializing in the unique field of developmental entrepreneurship.

Tshemoni (Pty) Ltd


Tshemoni (Pty) Ltd it’s a diversified empowerment black youth owned company specializing in the unique field of Professional Project Management, Construction Civil and General Buildings, Mining, Logistics and Courier Services, Farming, Rural Development and Training and Fleet Management and Car Rentals.

At Pixel Menjic, we were tasked with designing the logo as well as establishing a look and feel for the overall visual identity. The brand needed to be reflective of the business values and to have the flex to meet the requirements of future product expansion.



 Pixel Menjic branded Tshemoni (Pty) Ltd giving it a corporate, modern and bold look and feel. The logo was created featuring the use of negative space to create the “T” silhouette of the Wordmark, along with establishing a colour palette and font usage..

Tshemoni (Pty)Ltd


Diverse Portfolio


Branding &  design


Logo development

Graphic design


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