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City Deep Cleaners


Our company began its operations in early 2019 when we realised the need to curb public pollution. Our company’s main focus is cleaning because waste is a part of everyday human life and we can ease this burden by cleaning up after you. We do it so that you don’t have to. So we need designs that communicate capability, trust and passion.



Pixel Menjic branded City Deep Cleaners by communicating efficiency through association, by combining colours to make you feel a certain way. We chose the colour blue (a colour associated with trust) and paired it with green (a colour associated with health) to convey a message of cleanliness and trust. The positioning of the two colours helps create a cityscape silhouette, with the green serving as the ground and the blue serving as the sky, along with a shimmer of cleanliness at the top-right corner to send the message home.

 To be consistent throughout all the designs,  All company flyers and documents were designed inline with the new identity.



City Deep Cleaners


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