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Our mission is to partner with your institution in achieving your safety and security objectives.

Wankie Group


Wankie Group has responded to the core human right for safety by setting up a sub division focusing on security services. The Group boasts a diversity of skills and experience which are crucial in the fight against crime and slowed social and economic development. The bold and brave members of Wankie Group have contributed to the history of freedom in South Africa. They continue to help society realise sustainable freedom by providing safety and security to corporate and government institutions.



Pixel Menjic was tasked with creating design collateral for Wankie Group.


The aim here was to create a clean and stable logo with a heavy SANS SERIF font to create a sense of strength and assuredness in what Wankie Group does. 

The colour Blue and Green are chosen to place emphasis on Trust and Prestige. The colours are arranged with Blue at the bottom of the “W” monogram to serve as a foundation of Trust, Dependability, Security and Responsibility. When all these attributes form the basis of your foundation, there is room for growth in the form of wealth and prestige, thus is why the Green colour is placed at the top of the monogram. These colours together, form the Wankie monogram. Once the colour pallet was established, we could move on creating design layouts that are consistent with the Wankie logo design and feel and this resonates in all the design touch points of Wankie Group.


Wankie Group






Visual identity design

Graphic design

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